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I was feeling quite low recently, had a 1-2-1 with Andrew at 4N Durham and we arranged a time to look at ways forward for me. Andrew helped me to achieve more change in 90 mins than all of the 16 hours of coaching I had done with another consultant last year. He is compassionate, perceptive and kind.

Sue Finn

We work with corporate clients and private individuals. Our corporate clients include: Marks & Spencer, Scottish & Newcastle, Cummins Engine Company, North Tyneside Council, Tyneside TEC, BLP Packaging and Printing and The BBC.

Our private clients range from Senior Managers and Executives to Lawyers, Health Professionals and students.


  • There has been steady growth/development since working with you. There has been a very subtle but fundamental change, I suppose only(!) in the way I perceive myself, but it has/is having all kinds of knock-on effects across the board - a personal growthspurt! but that's an understatement. I see no reason why the growth or progress won't just continue.

    The negative stuff I've experienced has just been a kind of mourning for the fact that I've spent 30+ years carrying around some kind of negative self belief, and anger at what or whoever originally caused it, but particularly all the people who have reinforced it throughout my life. However, I'm able to move beyond it and recognise that its just been my journey and most importantly I wouldn't be where I am without it!

  • Andy, the things you have pointed out to make me realise about myself are unbelievable, but they are real. You have helped me in ways which I can't begin to explain. Cheers.
    Tyneside Student

  • Thank you Prydale Partners for everything. You are a gifted young man that will always find the missing link.
    Personnel manager Zeneca

  • Andrew's coaching ability, coupled with the techniques he uses, enabled me to identify areas of personal & professional development that I wished to enhance. I was successful in meeting my goals. An extremely empowering experience. Try it, it works!
    Manager Care Services

  • My time spent with Andrew has been a journey of discovery. I have gained a heightened awareness, improved self knowledge and a more confident, positive approach to life. All this and humour too!
    Thanks Prydale Partners.
    Retired Company Director

  • Following my time with you I now have the clarity unlike ever before which has enabled me to make decisions with confidence and improve my quality of life. Now I know myself better and I am in control of everything I am wondering why I didn't come to you sooner!
    Store Manager, Tesco Stores Ltd.

  • In any profession there arises from time to time conflicting personal and professional issues that need to be clearly understood, and constructively actioned, in order to achieve your dreams and optimise your all-round performance.
    Andrew proved to be an interesting, and confidential, bridge between those conflicting areas during a very trying period in my personal life.
    Company Director


  • An energising experience from a powerful practitioner. Thanks Prydale Partners.
    Samaritans Trainer

  • An excellent day. Many thanks as I believe that my perspective has changed - I will get back to you on the final outcome.

  • If I can smash wood with a bare hand - I can do anything!!
    Nurse Specialist

  • Many, many thanks for running the 3 days of NLP. The feedback has been fantastic as expected and further sessions are being initiated for those who missed out.

  • I have known Andrew Pearce for seven years, initially as a colleague and then latterly as a learning consultant.

    Andrew recently led three, one day NLP Workshops for my management colleagues on the West Coast of Scotland. He trained approximately 60 people. Their response was very positive - he was articulate, knowledgeable, adaptable and more importantly subsequent evaluation has shown a change of behaviour in the workplace.

    On a personal note, I have always found Andrew to be both challenging and supportive, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.
    Head of Personnel, West of Scotland Marks & Spencer

  • Thankyou for an excellent day. I gained a great deal from it and now I have a lot to think about and practice. The day was a really good mix of theory and practical. I enjoyed working with people from other professions. The key things that I have learnt are:
    • Flexibility to get around barriers to communication
    • Methods of establishing rapport
    • Physiological/non-verbal communication
    • The fascinating eye signs
    Consultant geriatrician Dryburn hospital

  • Well structured, fully interactive with relevant flashes of humour. Not at all stuffy or boring the way some courses can be!!
    Business support advisor

  • I am wholly responsible for the effects of my communication.

  • Very mind opening thought provoking session.
    Printing & packaging company line managers

  • Having had some time to reflect on the content, I can see so many times when the principles will help me to get the best from myself (and hopefully my co-workers!)
    Manager Marks & Spencer

  • Focus... beyond the objective and believe in yourself.

  • Ways galore to create change!

  • Inspired - yet again - An excellent day a challenge ahead to create my goals! Thank you.

  • Really good day - It went really quickly and opened my mind up to new things.

  • Very good day. Keeping me focused by concentrating on all the points raised and how to apply them.


  • I just want to say I am so pleased I phoned you up that day. I was feeling so negative about my life. Now, after meeting you, I feel my life has taken a completely new turn. I now feel so positive about my future. I have a new outlook on my life and the world in general. A really enlightening experience which I plan on holding on to and sharing with my family and friends.

  • My sessions with Prydale Partners helped me overcome panic attacks. Prydale Partners also helped me recognise and prioritise the important areas of my life. I found the sessions motivating and positive which in turn has led to me taking the necessary steps to changing the areas of my life which are making me unhappy.
    Team Leader

  • A lot of people have been mega amazed that I've stopped and remain a non smoker. You have changed my life.
    ex 40 a day smoker

  • The time I spent with Prydale Partners was very rewarding. The kind and gentle way she guides your thinking is very special as it is down to earth and very supportive. In a nutshell: I've changed my mind. This is the essential road to follow for emotional health and well being. Prydale Partners have guided me towards a healthier and happier life. This is a wonderful change and a new beginning.
    V.A. Wallsend