I know myself better & am in control of everything
I am wondering why I did'nt come sooner
Store Manager, Tesco

Case Study - Multi-Disciplinary Teambuilding Conference at Oxford University

There are 'no coincidences' in life and a chain of events found me at Andrews retreat 160 miles away . Instantly upon meeting Andrew I felt a relief from a long term problem was achievable. Andrews method became a life changing intervention . Andrew will feature more in my future life I know.

Paul Green

An invited delegation of academics, public, private, voluntary sector and artists were assembled to consider the essence of how teams work, issues and related areas of interest.

Andrew Pearce presented ideas around the importance of values alignment and the roles of leadership. He highlighted the need for generating an environment where speculative and creative solutions are facilitated.


  • 20 minutes presentation followed by discussion and questions from the floor


  • broadening awareness of current thinking and endorsement that Prydale's methodology is totally appropriate and in alignment with current best practices

Future plans:

  • Applying this in corporate environments and potential collaboration with selected conference delegates.