Case Study - Professional Surveying Practice

You witnessed my 4Sight at Gateshead which is a moving experience of various challenges in my life. You then gave me very helpful feedback, support and advice so when you saw it again at Durham it was sharper, more direct and i was in control. thank you very much helping to remove the barriers.

Mike McCoy

Introduction of a coordinated training programme to this large practice of chartered surveyors.


  • Professionally qualified and experienced practitioners within a growing organisation where management development skills have been low priority


  • Contributed to a 3-month taster programme to stimulate interest with a view to developing a longer term more cohesive approach.
  • Four two-hour introductory workshops open to all staff. Attendees across all functions throughout the organisation, both technical and non-technical.

Subject matter was designed to flow sequentially:

  • Maximising your potential
  • Influencing People
  • Managing Yourself and Your Future
  • Time Management.

Feedback summary was that training was well received and that further work would benefit individuals in the longer term.

Future plans

To continue to work with the business and facilitate:

  • Teambuilds
  • Workshops
  • Personal Reviews
  • One-to-one coaching.