I know myself better & am in control of everything
I am wondering why I did'nt come sooner
Store Manager, Tesco

Corporate Training - Communication skills

There are 'no coincidences' in life and a chain of events found me at Andrews retreat 160 miles away . Instantly upon meeting Andrew I felt a relief from a long term problem was achievable. Andrews method became a life changing intervention . Andrew will feature more in my future life I know.

Paul Green

Imagine what you could achieve by establishing instant rapport with anyone and communicating in a way which is easily understood by them. We will help you to learn more about yourself, your impact on others and their impact on you, as well as learning how to match your language to theirs accurately to influence and motivate.

This programme is based on concepts from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), which is a key tool to developing performance excellence.

The programme is an intensive day. It is challenging and extremely practical, as well as a lot of fun! Some of the feedback received to date:

  • "Thought-provoking, full of insight. Lots to take away, think about and practice."
  • "I know myself much better - has given me the confidence and ability to keep my resolution to be more positive."
  • "Really interesting and feel able to deal with some of those difficult situations."
  • "Learnt more in one day than in the last year."

The day is led by Andrew Pearece of Prydale Partners. Andrew is an experienced coach, HR manager and a Master Practitioner and trainer of NLP.