I know myself better & am in control of everything
I am wondering why I did'nt come sooner
Store Manager, Tesco

Corporate Training - Prydale Practitioner

There are 'no coincidences' in life and a chain of events found me at Andrews retreat 160 miles away . Instantly upon meeting Andrew I felt a relief from a long term problem was achievable. Andrews method became a life changing intervention . Andrew will feature more in my future life I know.

Paul Green

Neuro Lingustic Programming is a very accurate (if not a little off putting!) description of this amazing subject!

Neuro: The senses/our neurology
Linguistic: The language we use with ourselves and others
Programming: The programmes we run inside to process all the information

In other words it's about what makes us as people 'tick'. How to use language to consistently get your desired results.

From this training you will learn how to:

  • establish rapport with anyone
  • communicate in ways that will inspire your audience
  • use metaphors to create change
  • discover ways to overcome unwanted behaviours and limitations and 'stuck' states
  • questioning to discover what's really going on
  • tap into your inner resources at will
  • help others break unwanted habits
  • move people off unhelpful 'mindsets' and create positive impressions through your language
  • discovers someone's 'strategy'
  • and much much more


You will receive CD recordings of Dr. Susi Strang, a Master Trainer of NLP, training a Practitioner class. As you listen to the CD's and read the manual you will become familiar with terms, theories and techniques before you attend your own training. This way you will maximise the benefit from the time we have together.


The 8 day programme will cover the entire Practitioner syllabus. It is highly experiential and on completion of the required standards you will be certified as a Practitioner of NLP. Also included in the training is Memory Resolution. This is a powerful means of resolving internal conflicts and removing internal blocks and negative emotions so that you can be more of who you are.

Group sizes will be kept small and you will be assisted by a team of highly trained people to allow you to master the material. (Average ratio 6:1).

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  • competitive rates including CD's and Manual
  • early booking and 50% spouse discount available
  • regular 'open' courses
  • tailored 'in house' courses and programmes
  • we will work closely with you to ensure you achieve your outcomes for the training
  • contact us to discuss your requirements and interests further