Corporate Training - Maximising Your Potential

You witnessed my 4Sight at Gateshead which is a moving experience of various challenges in my life. You then gave me very helpful feedback, support and advice so when you saw it again at Durham it was sharper, more direct and i was in control. thank you very much helping to remove the barriers.

Mike McCoy

This is a very effective way for you to invest quality time in yourself that brings a different dimension to personal development.

The programme is designed to enable you to:

  • Clarify your personal mission and vision
  • Identify changes you wish to make to progress
  • Identify hurdles and take action to overcome them
  • Enhance your influencing and motivational skills
  • Transform your impact on others
  • Have greater Life Balance and sense of fulfilment

Once you are clear about where you are going and you have beliefs and values that support that vision, you will become true to yourself. As this happens, others are inspired by your sense of purpose. Research suggests that the most effective people are motivated by a vision allied to their mission. Your mission is an expression of who you are and is more than words, it comes from within you.

Your focus and aligned beliefs generate a sense of freedom to be who you really are and to do what you really want. You are unstoppable. What could you do with all that power and energy?

A typical programme is run one day per month over three months:

Day 1 Heighten personal awareness and identify areas for development

Day 2 Personal development/Influencing and motivating skills

Day 3 Review, evaluate progress, plan for the future