A good coach is one of the greatest
assets an organisation can possess

Corporate Training - High Performance Teamwork

Andrew has worked with a friend of mine and really helped drag them away from the fire and back to their old, bouncy self. Thanks Andrew!

Dave Gibson

Using techniques drawn from a variety of areas, events are designed to meet the objectives of both the organisation and the team members. Suitable for groups that have never worked together before as well as established teams.

The process involves:

  • Clear vision of team's mission and purpose
  • Actions and behaviours needed to support the vision
  • Identification of hurdles and barriers
  • Development of a plan of action and commitment to delivery
  • Generating a climate of trust and honesty
  • Heightened awareness of individual and team strengths and weaknesses

This approach applies the principles of individual coaching to a group context. It has been used extensively and the resulting alignment of purpose and focus consistently enhances performance against tangible measures.

A key part of the success is that the team retains responsibility for its achievement throughout and is held accountable for delivery of results via an agreed review and evaluation.

This is an experience that will transform the performance of any team, including:

  • Effective management of challenging projects
  • Senior management teams working at Board level
  • Functional teams
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Vertical teams
  • Intra-company teams
  • Inter-company teams